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Python / GraphQL

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Who is going to PyCon DE?

Released the new version of the @strawberry_gql playground!

It still uses Pyodide to run the Python code, but it also uses FastAPI, so now we can also test status codes and headers!

Try it here ⬇︎

@carlton would it be possible to get a new release of Asgiref out? looks like the version of main fixes some issues people are having with async Django and Strawberry 😊

I think that's the same issue I was having a while ago (where the server would just hang)

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Quick reminder that I've decided to retire from being a Django Fellow at the end of March 2024 and (excitingly) I'm open to new positions from April, 1st. After years of building Django itself 🛠, I'm now looking forward to building things in Python/Django again 📥 Contact me if you need a / veteran experienced in various , and an enthusiast 🤝

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🌟 Be a part of innovation at PyCon Italia 2024!

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Hey hey y'all! ✨

We are thrilled to announce that EuroPython will be back in Prague between July 8th and 14th 2024! 🇨🇿

After such a fantastic event last year, we decided to come back!

Check out 🐍

(more details coming soon)

where do people look for new jobs these days? 👀

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Want to see more of what you love at PyCon Italia? Now's your chance!

Buy your PyCon Italia ticket today and vote on the talks and workshops that excite you the most!

Help us build a program that represents our community. Buy your ticket and vote:

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PEP 723 opens up an interesting opportunity for Nox.

I don't know about the rest of you, but when I run Nox it's via `pipx run nox`. That's very convenient, but it does mean my `` has no dependencies. But w/ PEP 723, I can have my tool -- which will probably be pipx once it gets PEP 723 support -- pull down Nox **and** any other packages I wanted to use in my `` file. To me that suggests PEP 723 could open up the possibility of Nox utilities becoming a thing. 🙂

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You know, in case there’s a need to catch up on your Django Chat memes… @wsvincent, @carlton, @djangochat listeners, did I miss anything? 😜

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Just released an @astro extension that makes it easy to debug your Astro's website meta tags, below's an example of it in action.

I might add more features in future, but for now it has been quite useful already 😊

Find it here 👉

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Happy New Year from the PyCon Italia team!🎉🐍
As we step into 2024, we’re grateful for our amazing Python community and excited for what’s ahead.
Here’s a throwback to last year’s conference – can’t wait to create more memories like these! Cheers to a year full of coding, collaboration, and Python magic!
The Python Italia Team 🇮🇹🍕🐍

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GitLab working on ActivityPub 👋

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New post: “CSS Scope Issues”.

A week ago, a “CSS @scope” article by @mia was published at “12 Days of Web” (curated by @5t3ph).

This article did clarify a few things for me, but also made me think of one potential usage of the `:scope` pseudo-class: “storing” the scoping root’s selector as a reusable entity, covering the use case which is available in some preprocessors.

However, when exploring this use case, I stumbled upon a few issues: this post is about them.

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:has, text-indent: hanging, text-wrap: balance, iframe lazy loading, … Emoji firefox 121 is released today with lots of presents for web developers 🥳

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🐀 Ratatui (best name ever?) is a lightweight library that provides a set of widgets and utilities to build complex Rust TUIs


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Our Grants are open until the 14th of January 2024 AoE!

If you always wanted to attend PyCon Italia but couldn’t make it work, our grant program can help!

More info on!

Just sent these talks to PyCon US 😊 Is anyone here interested in any of them?

I wrote a tool to create REST APIs (with OpenAPI spec) from a Strawberry schema, and it's becoming my favourite tool to create plugins for ChatGPT (along side with ) 😊

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It's rare, but sometimes the Orange Site is... good?

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🚨 Don't miss out! Early Bird tickets are still available!

The tickets are limited in quantity and, like hot pizza slices, won't last long! 🍕

Grab yours ASAP at 🎟️

Does anyone know how if in it is possible to define a generic class that infers the type of the generic from an attribute?

Something like this:

T = TypeVar("T")
class Example(Generic[T]):
Config: type[T]
configuration: T

class SubExample(Example):
Config = str


currently Pylance and Mypy complain about Example not being passed the TypeVar, I wonder if there's a different way to achieve this 👀

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Congratulations to the new Python Steering Council for 2024!

* Pablo Galindo Salgado
* Gregory P. Smith @gpshead
* Barry Warsaw @flufl
* Emily Morehouse
* Thomas Wouters @Yhg1s

@astro is quickly becoming my favourite framework 🥰

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🚨 You can now buy your PyCon Italia ticket! 🚨

Early Bird tickets are now available on! And they won’t be around for long, as they are limited in quantity!

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